Raggedy Andy


Well here you are Raggedy Andy,  if it was up to me you would not have come into this world.

After making three Raggedy Anne dolls, one Pirate Pete and one Lucia I thought to be all done.  The pattern has become a little worse for wear and the thought of setting in sleeves to a very tiny little outfit is something I’d rather not think about.

One day while helping me tidy up the sewing room my granddaughter came across the pattern envelope for Raggedy Anne and Andy.  After examining it very carefully she pointed to the image of Andy and asked if he was Anne’s cousin.  I agreed with her thinking she was just curious.  And that’s where the story begins!

“Nonna can you make one for me?”

Well I didn’t say yes but I didn’t really say no either and hoped her fascination with Anne’s cousin would pass.  Lack of  appropriate material for Andy’s outfit did not deter her.  Each time I saw Reagan she would ask if Raggedy Andy was finished yet.

What could a nonna do?

So one day we took a trip to the material store where Reagan helped choose the material and coordinating thread. She was adamant about  black shoes for Andy perhaps fearing  he would end up with blue shoes like Lucia.

That’s just about when the all questions began… and a whole new world of discovery!


This is material…FINALLY!


What’s a pattern nonna?

photo 1

What are pins nonna?

photo 4

Let’s pin on the body Reagan….The body nonna?


What’s stuffing nonna?


Keep winding that yarn Reagan, I promise it will be his hair.


So how did you do that nonna?


Funny girl!!

The best part of this story is that she was willing to wrap Andy up and give him to her little sister Reese for her birthday!

I might add…reluctantly at first!



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