So how does a Jellybean-asaurus become an Ellie-phant?  Easy, you add a trunk, a couple of floppy ears and downsize the tail…a lot!

It was time to make a pillow of another species.  After several unsuccessful attempts to make just the perfect elephant pattern I finally realized that a couple adjustments was all it was going to take to make an elephant out of a dinosaur!  Who knew?

These stuffed personalities are always made with a particular someone in mind.  I have yet to make one just for the sake of making one.  It has to be special for someone very special!

From choosing just the right fabric and accessories to adding the last final detail my heart is in every stitch and loving thoughts with that special someone I am making it for.

Each work takes on a personality of its own and eventually a perfect name emerges from that personality.

Work complete and Ellie-phant is ready to meet her new friend!

A quick update on some monkey business…

Ah… Penelope (Penny for short) you stole my heart! But you belong to someone else now!


And this is Eduardo (Eddy for short) who is patiently waiting for that special day to meet that special someone!

Don’t worry Eddy it will be sooner than you think!




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