We’ve been so blessed this year to witness the wondrous event of life happening in an evergreen bush on our front yard.  We eagerly watched the building of a nest, a brooding mother’s vigil over her precious newly laid eggs, her persistent watchful eye and gradual distancing from the nest while still providing nourishment for her two fragile looking little hatch-lings.

We practically watched her little ones grow right before our eyes until the inevitable happened…an empty nest.

This dove reminded me of a mother’s God given role, to bring forth life, provide care and nurturing then one day set them free.

I wish all mothers and all those who have mothered a Blessed Mother’s Day!


From wind and rain a perfect shelter

There you wove your nest.

Each perfect branch and tender leaf

You did your very best.

In time you took your special place

Life’s precious gift you did embrace

Beneath your warm and tender breast

They felt a mother’s heart.

So many days and nights would pass

Before you took your needed rest.

At times it seemed you were not there

But never were you far away.

Your nurturing touch and watchful eye

Remained until the day

Their strengthened wings took flight

They could no longer stay.

I wish you Happy Mother’s Day!

Though far away from sight

They always will remain within your heart.

The Sporadic Poet




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