Hello Gigi!

This is Georgette, Gigi for short.

gigi1It’s hard to believe that just a week ago Gigi was a brand new pair of striped socks sitting in a storage box along with an instruction book on how to make them come to life.

At first I was reluctant to begin this project not quite sure if there was actually a little monkey hiding in those socks but finally this week I accepted the challenge.

After making a few changes to the cutting out instructions (just to make things a little easier) and  a few lines of stitching, the soft, white stuffing began giving this little monkey some shape.

The finishing touches were a labour of love giving Gigi a unique personality unlike any other sock monkey ever made.

Out of the button jar came her little monkey eyes and bellybutton of course and some leftover wool became the charming tuft of hair.  A few stitches of embroidery floss took care of the finer details adding character to this sweet, lovable monkey face.

This week Gigi carried all the love I put into her and shared it with her new friends.  I sense a little mischief in the air!


A few thoughts…

Besides the pattern book, I used some ideas from this internet site…I absolutely fell in love with all the little monkeys!  Their pattern was a little different than the one I used and consider using it for…

More little monkeys?


A quick update on Homespun Linen…

Do you remember this?


Finally turned into this…


And more!








holden1…..and the back view……holden3


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