Melty the Snowman


I enjoy baking cookies and welcome new recipes and especially get excited at the purchase of a new cookie cutter although it was not the case with the melted snowman cookie cutter.

Each year I make special cookies for the children in my life and this year was no exception. The search for a classic snowman cookie cutter started a couple of months ago but to no avail. It’s not that I don’t already have snowmen cookie cutters, at least three, but the size and shapes are not the picture of the snowman I had in mind.

I had actually given up on the search and decided to use three different sized round cookie cutters to make my own classic looking snowman.

One day while shopping I noticed this cookie cutter and after realizing what it was…nothing but a melted snowman, I walked away thinking this was the farthest  from a classic snowman shape that I could get…not interested!

As I walked away, after only a few steps, the proverbial light went on…what a great idea, not classic but totally whimsical!

*Melty the snowman is brought to you by the ever versatile Pinwheel Cookie dough and my latest interesting cookie cutter!


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