Paleontologists have yet to uncover the skeletal remains of this species of dinosaur and chances are it may never happen in our lifetime!

I don’t know where this idea of making a dinosaur pillow came from, it just did. Perhaps coming across an old dinosaur pattern I made so many years ago sparked the memory of a stuffed green dinosaur I had made for my daughter when she was just a little girl.

I could have used the same pattern again but this dinosaur was going to be a “little someone’s” pillow so the shape had to be a little different.

Next, off to the fabric store to choose just the right material . Not sure exactly what I was looking for but it was love at first sight when I saw a bolt of material with what looked like jellybeans spilled all over it. Nothing else in the store mattered at that point so off with a meter of pastel jellybean fabric for a more feminine pillow and neon jellybeans for a more rambunctious personality.

And shortly thereafter Jellybeanasaurus was born…

and then another one.


So what do you do with leftover scraps of material with a jellybean print?

You get creative!

A jellybean bow tie for a special boy’s first birthday outfit…


A one of a kind Birthday card…


…and Jellybean Beanbags of course!


And the good news is I have a few more scraps left!

A quick update on Gerry the Lovey’s new friends…

Louie the Lion


Bella the Bunny

photo (6)

These Loveys are making two sweet little girls very happy!


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