Dress-up Fun

Although we weren’t big on sending out kids out for Trick or Treat a fun costume was always in order for a school party.

The pile of material scraps in the sewing room would come to life and become exactly what they were meant to become.   No scrap wasted!   Goofy to Firemen to Cowboys to Zorro to Superman to Dorothy to Little Red Riding Hood and more… all waiting to jump out of that scrap pile!

Once the children decided more or less which costume they were leaning towards, sometimes with a few suggestions from the costume maker of course, the scissors, needle and thread began their work.

Of course the hunt for perfect accessories took me to every room, drawer and storage bin in the house. A feeling of exhilaration ensued when coming across just the perfect thing needed.

By no means elaborate except for the Rainbow Brite and Snow White hand me down costumes made by my sister for her daughter all were happy with their temporary new identity!




















While looking for these pictures I came across these…remember?

If your answer is negative you’re right and you probably also remember the Polaroid, instant picture camera, flash cubes and reels and reels of movie film.

If you’re answer is “negative” then you’re too young to remember and weren’t probably around to enjoy all that modern technology!

Sorry, I couldn’t resist!




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