Curbside Rescue

It all started one day as we drove by a chair sitting on the curb with a “For Free” sign on it.
I loved the look of the chair and after pleading with my husband to stop he did although with great reluctance!   A little surgery to one of the arm rests which had not been joined quite straight was all it took to restore it. In retrospect this was part of the chair’s charm and perhaps better left the way it was. Made from strong, sturdy oak and in the style of chair often seen in court rooms and jury boxes in days gone by, this chair is definitely holding back a few stories!   We found a good home for it and after a little polishing on the new owner’s part it has taken its place in their home.IMG_7342



My next acquisition was an antique school desk left at the curb to be eaten by the jaws of a garbage truck.  While driving by I did a double take, not quite sure of what it was.  It took all that was in me to stop and take a closer look.  Excited at the prospect of its restoration since this find was going to need a little more repair than the chair, I loaded the heavy desk into the back seat of my car . The seat of the chair was missing a strip of wood but thanks to Mr. Fix It also known as my husband, replaced the missing piece with a perfect fit.  Without interfering too much with its charm a light sanding and staining restored it to a better state than originally found. The letter A etched into the top of the desk  caught my attention… perhaps A is for apple?  Your guess is as good as mine but we will never know as this desk is not telling any tales!desk yes

I was instructed to drive right by any more interesting finds and not to bring home anything else hanging out on the curb but honestly that was an unreasonable request considering I was already operating a curbside rescue program.

My next few finds have been of the more recently constructed variety. I was on the market for a small table and chairs to keep at my house for the grandchildren.  Well I found one…on the curb of course, too late for the chairs, someone beat me to them and the table was probably left behind due to a big gob of gluey substance on the top.  It was a stubborn gob which took some time and a lot of elbow grease but giving up was not an option.  Gob all gone, a couple of new chairs and the kids have been enjoying it ever since!table

A couple of years ago I was in an antique shop with my sister and noticed a wooden antique potato and onion storage bin.  Just loved it but had to pass it up for two reasons. First the unfriendly price and second it was the style that would have to rest on a counter and counter space is at a premium in my downstairs kitchen.
Not to worry, a few months later while driving by a nearby curb I immediately knew what I had found. Had I not previously seen the one in the antique store I may have not recognized it. You can’t imagine how excited I was looking at a wooden storage box that actually sat on the floor. Not an antique but next to new and solid wood! I ended up painting this one white to match my downstairs kitchen decor…of course I rescued it!  Not a word… from you know who!potato

Okay, one more because this is becoming a never ending blog post.

Drove right past and had to back up the car for this one, how could I resist a cute little wooden sled in peril of being devoured by the oncoming garbage truck.  Rescued, lightly sanded, re-varnished and new pulling cord. I can see many more years of sliding down a snow covered hill with a couple of happy children in it having lots of fun!DSC08001

Driving by and ignoring interesting curbside finds is almost impossible for me. I would have to wear blinders just like a horse and we all know that wouldn’t be a good idea while driving. I have however painfully driven past a few I would have liked to stop for but would probably end up getting into trouble by “you know who.”


You know who says “ it’s enough!”   I’ll try my best but I can’t promise!



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