Corn Tortilla Chips with Homemade Salsa


I’m not surprised that homemade corn tortillas make absolutely delicious tortilla chips but as good as they might be they still need a tasty salsa on the side!

I’ve never used a recipe for making tomato salsa, instead the combination of basic ingredients came together many years ago for my kids, unfortunately this was before my tortilla press days so they had to scoop it up with tortilla chips out of a bag.

Transforming the corn tortillas I made last week into chips was more than easy especially after finding an even easier way than instructed in the recipe. The changes in method of preparation have been included in the recipe  provided. Although one may never know about  the extra work that has been spared by the changes made, rest assured that even the originator of the recipe would have to agree with me.

I still make the salsa the same way I’ve made it for years with the exception of adding a little heat with a jalapeno pepper for a more grownup taste.

Basil has always been my herb of choice since back in the day I had never even heard of cilantro. It seems to be a more readily available and commonly used herb these days and appears in many salsa recipes I have come across.

Although Tortilla Corn Chips and Salsa are not something usually eaten in the early part of the day I must confess that today it made the best mid-morning snack I’ve had in a long time!

Corn Tortilla Chips

6 inch corn tortillas

olive oil


  1. Lay tortillas on a flat surface and brush surfaces with olive oil
  2. Turn them over and lightly brush with oil then sprinkle with salt.
  3. Stack oiled and salted tortillas and cut in half then quarters.
  4. Place in a single layer on a baking pan and bake in a preheated 400 degree F. oven for 10 to 12 minutes until dry and crisp. (Keep a close eye on them during last few minutes to prevent from burning)
  5. Cool then store in a plastic bag if not using immediately.






Tomato Salsa


sweet variety of onion  (sweet Red or Vidalia onion)

green pepper

jalapeno or other hot variety of pepper (optional)

fresh basil or cilantro

few teaspoons good quality olive oil

splash of lime juice

salt to taste

  1. Remove pulp and seeds from tomatoes.
  2. Chop ingredients as fine or chunky as you like, add olive oil and give it a splash of lime juice.
  3. Mix ingredients well.
  4. Serve with tortilla chips.




Notes, Tips and Suggestions

  • This is a general ingredient list and by no means should deter you from adding as much or little of any ingredient or even adding a favourite ingredient not listed.
  • Roma or plum tomatoes seem to work best because of their lower water content and more firm texture.
  • Letting the salsa mellow for a couple of hours improves the flavor but is best served the day it’s made.

The Atomizer

I purchased this atomizer about ten years ago knowing that it would come in handy one day. I just didn’t know that one day was that far away. I used it for the first time to spray a fine mist of olive oil over the tortillas. This proved to be much easier than brushing them with oil and only used a fraction of oil that would have been used otherwise.
Instead of adding a few teaspoons of olive oil to the salsa mix I just sprayed the olive oil over it with good results, once again using less oil.
Easy to use  by adding oil into the container and pumping in some air with the lid attachment so that it will spray from the nozzle. I’ll be sure to use it more often to make up for the years it’s just been hanging around doing nothing!




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