Just Beachy


There are sewing projects requiring a lot of planning and time, then there are some which come together in about thirty minutes giving a more immediate sense of accomplishment.

These beach towel roll-ups are quite easy to make when you consider that one beach towel, five rows of stitching and about two meters of coordinating ribbon can turn out something so cute as well as useful.  Depending on whether making this for an adult or child could determine the colour and print of the towel used.

Giving them away is as much fun as making them and this particular one is the fifth  made over the past few years…number six is in the works!

The pockets are a great place for storing all essentials needed for a trip to the beach as well as the pool. Towel and a bag all neatly rolled up into one!


As Martha would put it…”It’s a good thing!”

It’s also a good thing she provides a video explaining exactly how to go about making one so I won’t have to.

Thank you Martha!


Notes, Tips and Suggestions

  • I make my pockets a little deeper than suggested, 6 to 8 inches instead of 4. This could depend on who you are making it for and what will eventually be placed inside.
  • The pockets don’t have to be all the same size, again depending on what they might be holding.

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