Planting A Harvest

gar 1

I can’t express how happy I was this year to see the earth again beneath the mountains of snow.  It wasn’t happening fast enough for me but once the grass peeked through and began regaining its lovely green colour my thoughts quickly turned to the garden. You can always count on the grass coming back to life after a long cold winter but as soon as I was able make my way to the little herb patch I was excited to be greeted by early chives and the forever resilient oregano plants.


The chives have already made their way into a green salad, soon I’ll pinch a few fragrant oregano leaves adding them to some our favourite dishes.

Last year the various varieties of thyme plants also came back. I haven’t seen them poke through yet but it may be too early to think of replacing them with some new plants this year …time will tell.

Each year it seems when the tomatoes from the garden are at their best our basil has gone past its prime and once again the search for some sweet basil begins. Of course the price of basil plants will have dramatically risen by then telling me that we’re not the only ones looking for some fresh plants late in the season.

This year for the first time I’ve tried planting some basil seeds a few weeks apart so we don’t get a bumper crop then have to deal with a shortage of basil for our long anticipated tomato salad. I’m also looking forward to preserving this absolutely fragrant herb in ways I have never tried before.

Here’s to a good yield this year from our tiny little garden!

Before posting this blog thought I would go and visit the herb patch once again… and look who’s come to visit…


Well it’s about thyme!!


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