I Love Lucia


A well- used Raggedy Anne pattern, gold coloured yarn, material odds and ends, a little embroidery thread and blue eyes from the button jar came together into this sweet personality we more familiarly call Lucy!

After failed attempts to buy just the right doll for my grand-daughter I literally took matters into my own hands and made this rag doll with a sweet personality much like Reagan’s. It seems this doll was always meant to be but just waiting for the right little girl to come along.

While making Lucy, an old, long forgotten memory resurfaced. Although a part of this memory has faded over the years, parts remain as fresh as yesterday in my mind.    In fourth or fifth grade a classmate and I were paired on a doll making project.  The clearest memories of this doll are the button eyes and reddish wool I brought from home to make her long braided pig tails. I also remember that I may as well have made the doll by myself for all the help received from my partner. When the time came of course only one of us would be taking the doll home. The teacher thought it fair to deal with the matter with the toss of a coin.

My very first heart break!

It’s funny how things work out. Lucy lives at my house and Reagan plays with her when she comes to visit. I enjoy having Lucy at home and when Reagan comes over she goes looking for Lucy to catch up on all the love she’s saved up while away from her!


We should have named this doll “Joy”

This pattern is wearing thin after making Ragedy Anne in triplicate…


…and one sweet Pirate Pete!


Who knows what other personalities will emerge from this pattern!


A little imagination can certainly go a long way!


3 thoughts on “I Love Lucia

  1. Sarah says:

    She’s so perfect for Reagan! And Ella still loves her Lucy too. She was just playing with her the other day. The only thing that’s worn off a little is a portion of the mouth. Very well made, I must say! What a special gift!!


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