Gerry the Lovey


Meet Gerry the Lovey.  I didn’t know what a Lovey was, hadn’t even heard of one until I was asked to make one.  Seems the idea is to replace what once might have served as baby’s little security blanket with something a little more detailed like a cute little face, a little friend to provide baby comfort  when needed.

I didn’t have a pattern nor could I find one leaving me to do my best to come up with something that would work.  Not sure where and how to start I began with finding some material and eventually purchased receiving blankets with a grey and yellow giraffe print on them.

This gave me the idea to make a giraffe Lovey to match the print on the blankets.

Not quite sure of where things were going I finally came up with a pattern hoping for some success. Embroidery floss took care of the little mane on the back of the head, neck and facial features.  The question was what do I make the little knobs on the top of his head out of?  Grey would have been the best colour to use but I didn’t seem to have any suitable material on hand.

I still laugh about the moment the perfect grey colour material showed up.  I was sitting on a chair close to my sewing machine putting Gerry together as far as I could go without the little “nubbies” since they hadn’t been invented yet.  Making myself a little more comfortable I crossed my legs.  It was then I noticed the perfect grey shade of my socks. Why not?  They were new and I could cut them out of the top part of the sock.  And that’s exactly what the “nubbies” were made of… my soft, stretchy grey socks!

gerry2Over the following months and to this day Gerry has been a source of companionship and his “nubbies” have provided much comfort. The original Gerry has been retired to the memory box and my socks have gone on to make three more sets of “nubbies” allowing Gerry to show upwherever needed even in multiples.


My sweet little Holden, one day when you’re all grown up you too will laugh to know that Gerry, your favourite Lovey’s “nubbies” were made from nonna’s socks!



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