Here Comes the Bride

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While looking in the closet for something totally unrelated I came across this wedding party lost in time!  Upon opening the hat box where they had been stored for years, a rush of memories poured out bringing back the time and moments they filled many years ago!

These were made as a centerpiece for my daughter-in-law Sarah’s bridal shower several years ago.  I came across the pattern in a borrowed craft magazine and was totally taken with the cuteness of it all!

I remember sitting at the kitchen table night after night carefully crafting each member of the bridal party making sure every detail came together until their little personalities blossomed.

A little mouse was made to represent each person in her party.  The groomsmen were handsomely dressed in colours of felt similar to the real groomsmen and the purchase of a similar colour of fabric worn by her bridesmaids made lovely little dresses for the sweet maids.  It only took a 4 inch wide 36 inch length piece of navy fabric to make all the dresses.  The flower girl however wore a little white dress.

The bride wore a stunning white organza dress made from wired ribbon with tiny  pearl buttons running down the full length of the gown.  A veil and pearl tiara adorned her sweet little head.  There was no problem saying Yes to this dress!


She and her handsome groom were nestled in a little wicker basket hanging from the beautiful hot air balloon…it was actually a lace covered Styrofoam ball.  I think a real hot air balloon would have been easier to put together.ms1






My, how time has passed…the flower girl is a grown woman, the rest of the bridal party have families of their own but this wedding party hasn’t aged a bit!

A quick change of dresses for the maids has made it possible for them to attend two other wedding showers.  This being the reason they are in different dresses in these pictures.







While gently putting away the little wedding party I thought I heard a few faint sighs coming from the hat box…alas…always a bridesmaid never a bride!


On the other hand the bride and groom enjoyed a cup of tea before retiring to the hat box!



One thought on “Here Comes the Bride

  1. Sarah says:

    I don’t know how I missed this post earlier. What wonderful memories! That shower was so special, down to every little, thoughtful detail. And this was definitely the cutest part! Never to be forgotten!!


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