Crispy Breaded Chicken Wings


Chicken is the most versatile meat I can think of.  We enjoy it at least once a week and if by chance it appears on the table a second time in the same week no one seems to mind at all.  Once the chicken is seasoned and prepared a different way it can become a totally new meal. Depending on the spices, sauces and cooking method used this bland tasting meat will taste exactly like what you add to it.

I remember a time when chicken wings were one of the least sought after parts of the chicken and unless the bird was being roasted in its entirety, wings did not appear on the table.

I don’t know exactly when it happened or to whom the credit belongs but chicken wings have become quite a delicacy. The price per pound can rival that of a good roasting chicken and at times the meaty chicken breast itself.

All who enjoy chicken wings have a favourite recipe.  Hot from the oven or cold from the fridge our favourite way to eat them has to be these breaded, oven baked, crispy split wings.

Absolutely no need for a frying pan!

Crispy Breaded Chicken Wings

chicken wings (preferably split)

fine dry bread crumbs

juice of a lemon

salt and pepper to taste

dry oregano

grated cheese

Quantities of ingredients depend on how many chicken wings are being prepared. Add listed seasonings to taste.

  1. If whole wings are purchased remove tips and save to make chicken stock.
  2. Cut wings in two at the joint.
  3. Rinse under cold water and drain well.
  4. Place in a bowl and season with salt and pepper, squeeze juice of the lemon over the wings and toss to coat evenly.
  5. In a separate container mix together bread crumbs, salt and pepper, oregano and grated cheese.
  6. Coat chicken pressing bread crumbs onto wings until fully coated.
  7. Place on a non-stick pan and bake at 375 degrees F. for 45 to 60 minutes depending on size of wings until golden and crisp. (If using a regular pan lightly grease bottom.)








Notes, Tips and Suggestions

  • Wings can be prepared earlier in the day and baked just before serving.
  • Whole chicken wings can be used in this recipe but split wings cook much faster, are crispier and easier to eat.
  • Fine dry bread crumbs work best in this recipe as opposed to panko. Saving the panko for the Butterfly Shrimp!

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